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Our min standard filtration levels HERE 

The UK has some of the best quality drinking water in the World and we are not here to persuade you about anything.

You are reading this because you care about your water quality

Research indicates the ever-rising challenges being faced by the UK tap water industry,

The Portable Well company has a range of water filters and processes to deliver water as nature intended across many applications.


We install domestic and commercial filtration systems every week
and are confident you will find us refreshingly different.

Let us help



Our water treatment systems were born in England in the 60s and will always be manufactured and tested here in the UK.
Rooted and established in over 50 years of innovation and proven applications


Effective for domestic

We know water.

We know the fads, the fashions and the truth when it comes to water filtration.

Our systems are always a four-part process and we know precisely why


Bespoke water treatment

RIBA codes of practice
Any source to any scale

Borehole revival and distribution 


Naturally Soft Water

All the benefits of soft water

Reduction in Ca&Mg only
Drinkable & Filtered
Huge fluoride reductions

All essential minerals remain

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