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Over 50 years Experience 

Our toe in the water goes back as far as the UKAEA nuclear power program of the 1960s and 70s.

The mid-1970s saw the launch of the microelectronics industry in the UK and notably, Silicon Glen studied polymer science at UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) leading to RO innovation and groundbreaking techniques known as Ultrafiltration.

Ultrafiltration techniques (UF) were first developed in Manchester and then pioneered in 1986 at a major microelectronics plant in the UK, initially for particulate removal, but later for bacteria retention as development progressed. This technology in combination with reverse osmosis (RO) proved to be the key to the Borneo solution during pilot tests.

From 1984 with BDP as the main client, headed the Process Engineering Department which covered all group offices in UK and Europe through to the late 1990s virtually every microelectronics facility peopled the APTEC client list.

APTEC continues today as a non-profit company purely for disseminating information to the water treatment industry no fees are sought but copyright is retained in all publications and IP.

Mongolia may be the true home of the Portable Well

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