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Reverse Osmosis

The World Health Organization issues a warning about reverse osmosis water

This something we have known for a while and is the reason we do not manufacture filtration at this level. 


An outline of the recent report from the WHO, regarding revision on the use of Reverse Osmosis water. 

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters or systems remove impurities from water efficiently. Despite this, only some are aware that they also remove beneficial minerals.

Calcium and magnesium are 99% removed by reverse osmosis. In addition, it removes an even more significant amount of trace elements.

A World Health Organization report analysing hundreds of scientific studies concluded that demineralized or reverse osmosis water "definitely adversely affects the human and animal organism."

In a scientific study conducted to see if minerals consumed in food could compensate for the lack of minerals in reverse osmosis water, scientists found that "reduced mineral intake was not compensated by their diets...low-mineral water led to increased removal of minerals from the body.

Drinking water with a low mineral content compromises the body's mineral and water metabolism. Reverse osmosis water dilutes the electrolytes in the body's water.

Download full outline paper

Download Full W.H.O report

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