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80% reduction in water use for showers

Each cubicle has a 2 kW instantaneous water heater fed from a constant pressure recirculation system with pressure maintained by a back pressure control valve.

This system has an excess flow to provide control authority to the direct-acting valve while adjusting to suit the demand of 1 ~ 4 showers thus, the circulation pump runs at constant flow and pressure. Each shower heater is linked to the pump control circuit allowing the pump to stop and start on demand.


This process can be scaled according to shower block size. 

Water recirculates through the shower cubicles to a labyrinth settlement/collection and pump sump tank and is then pumped through our Portable Well process before being disinfected by ozone before discharge by showerheads.

Chlorine, THM, PFAS, TEP, VOC are all removed from the municipal site source and the bacteria and pathogen-free water will be 99.99999% sterile at the showerhead. 

Ozone is added in a "kidney" type bypass system and generated by corona arc from the air.
Enhanced ozone production can be incorporated by the use of an oxygen cylinder if required.

Ozone addition is an experienced consideration.  Incorrect addition can result in wet air.

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