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The Mysteries of water Ch.1

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

You might not see it, but water is the strangest thing in the universe. Our solar system is drowning in water.

At one time, we thought we were the only ones with water, but it's the second most common molecule in the universe. It is now known that there is water on the moon and on Mars. Nearly every object in our solar system is made up of water, including Pluto. Water could be the source of life wherever there is water. Take a good look at this tasteless, featureless, and colourless material with a glass of water. There's something remarkable about it. Scientists struggle to understand it because it breaks so many chemistry rules.

Every molecule of water on earth and inside you or any living thing has been around for billions of years after cycling through rocks, animals, and plants, and each molecule has had an incredible journey before it gets to you.

Sometime in the past, these water molecules would have been inside of dinosaurs, bacteria, ocean storm clouds, and polar ice caps.

There is no water on Earth that is native to our planet.

Our oceans formed hundreds of millions of years after our planet to shape the water arrived on asteroids and comets from outer space. There was a vast amount of dust and rocks that didn't quite make it into planets. All the water you see comes from this source. There are no normal rules of chemistry when it comes to water. As a first step, our planet shouldn't support liquids.

Hydrogen and oxygen are very light and make up water molecules that ensure the earth's surface temperatures and pressures are blended. When water freezes, chemistry says it should be a gas, unlike any other chemical. As a result, ice floats on water. Think about how strange that is now that you see it every day. As time goes on.

As a result of this strange behaviour, complex life has been able to survive and evolve despite the many ice ages that have frozen the Earth's surface. Is it true that hot water freezes faster than cold water? The answer is yes. There is no explanation for this.

The force of gravity is ignored, and this allows water molecules to float upwards. Their love for each other explains why they stick together. By pulling each other up through tiny channels, they're so good at it. The tiny blood vessels in your body are an example. It is through this process that oxygen and nutrients reach your brain's edges. By using capillary action, plants move water from deep below the ground to nourish their leaves and branches.

Nothing in our normal world would exist without water's rebellious behavior, because water is so strange to us all

Portable Well Company understands water's complexities and challenges. The Portable Well can trace its knowledge of water filtration as far back as text written around 1,400BC.

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