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Soft water Naturally

Introducing the WANI  soft water membrane system

All the benefits of soft water - No Salt. 


Exclusive to The Portable Well Company  

Wholesome drinking water from every cold tap

Water as nature intended (WANI) 

Improved household appliance life*
Benefit due to lack of hardness not added sodium 

Limescale elimination*
Benefit due to lack of hardness not added sodium 

Certified skin health attributes*
Benefit due to lack of hardness not added sodium 

Softer and brighter clothes
Benefit due to lack of hardness not added sodium 

Chlorine and chemical-free bathing and showering*
Not achievable with sodium soft water


WANI 2000SWM HR is an ionic selective unit rejecting those causing hardness while retaining those essential for well-being, unlike conventional water softening or reverse osmosis, both of which provide a water supply deemed unsuitable for drinking purposes being sodium enriched in the first case and lacking essential ions, salts and electrolytes in the second.

It is rated at 130 litres per hour, although larger units can be built to order, being modular in concept.

So what is hardness? Simply the dissolved minerals classified as Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg)

The WANI2000SWM HR delivers an impressive

  • Significant reduction in hardness.

  • Reduction in residual fluoride

  • Optimal water for health and daily drinking

  • Perfect for cooking and preparing vegetables

  • Safe and balanced for baby formula

  • Usable by pregnant women

  • Drinkable by pets

  • 100% efficient with irrigation water use

  • All the essential minerals remain essential for cellular function (more here) 

  • Natural tasting due to filtration methods

  • Also filtered for heavy metals, odour, taste, chlorine, chlorine by-products, organics THM’s, VOC’s, TEP’s, PFAS, THM & bacteria to 99.999% rejection 


Areas we cover

Did you know the rocks under your feet determine the hardness of your water?


Our friends in Geology, supply us with detailed information when it comes to borehole extraction and feasibility. 


Capable of serving vented and unvented systems using calculated water usage and peak demand loads. 7L - 500L buffer tank requirement

The filtration unit is built to fit a standard kitchen cupboard of 600mm
Hydro manual or powered automatic 
85% water recovery
Zero ongoing maintenance 
6/9 monthly cost-effective servicing cycle

Post-treatment tank will be required and specified according to the peak demand

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