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The Portable Well range of event and festival water filters is a response to the need of eradicating single-use plastic at events. The environmental impact of producing water as nature intended on site is huge. No water miles and no recycling costs.

Ending single-use bottled water sales is not the end of the income water can create for your event. In fact, it makes things easier.

2021 saw medicine festival the 1st UK public event to offer free water, produced on-site and better quality than any bottled water, and as equally well-received at Give Festival 


Easy and Simple Trading Tools

Indicative income based on the best-case scenario.
2,500 Capacity inc crew 
Strong agreeable initiative to ban single-use plastics on site
4-day event 
20,000L requirement (2Lpppd min)
2,500 bottle sales potential
FREE REFILLS of better than bottled water quality
£5 profit per branded re-usable limited edition bottle
Pre cost income for the event 


Water supply, testing and compliance, infrastructure, filtration, bespoke POU. site and man hours.

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